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Portfolio Category: Residential Interiors

Neo-Classical Interiors

Neoclassical architecture is characterized by grandeur of scale, simplicity of geometric forms, dramatic use of columns and a preference for blank walls. Much of this style is inspired by the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.
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Mediterranean Interiors

The Mediterranean Revival is a unique style, but also very similar in many ways to the Spanish Revival and Mission Revival buildings of the era. The foremost characteristic of this style is its eclecticism; mixing old styles with modern tastes.
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French Renaissance Interiors

The French Renaissance style has less emphasis on rules and correct proportions and more on inventiveness and surface richness. The style holds true to classicism and symmetry among its many design principles.
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Spanish Revival Interiors

Spanish Revival style was influenced by the Spanish Colonial architecture of earlier centuries. Unlike its immediate predecessor, Mission, Spanish Revival is more ornate with stylistic detail apparent in both large features and small, such as intricately patterned tilework and wrought iron hardware.
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