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Residential Interiors

  • Neo-Classical Interiors

    Neo-Classical Interiors

    Neoclassical architecture is characterized by grandeur of scale, simplicity of geometric forms, dramatic use of columns and a preference for…

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  • Mediterranean Interiors

    Mediterranean Interiors

    The Mediterranean Revival is a unique style, but also very similar in many ways to the Spanish Revival and Mission…

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  • French Renaissance Interiors

    French Renaissance Interiors

    The French Renaissance style has less emphasis on rules and correct proportions and more on inventiveness and surface richness. The…

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  • Spanish Revival Interiors

    Spanish Revival Interiors

    Spanish Revival style was influenced by the Spanish Colonial architecture of earlier centuries. Unlike its immediate predecessor, Mission, Spanish Revival…

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  • Prairie Interiors

    Prairie Interiors

    Prairie style architecture evolved from the handcrafted, meticulous design and construction prevalent during the earliest years of the 20th century.

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  • Old Florida Interiors

    Old Florida Interiors

    Old Florida style buildings are generally full of beautiful examples of the past. A past that did not include air-conditioning…

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  • Shingle Interiors

    Shingle Interiors

    Shingle style homes can be found across the country, blending traditional design with weathered materials, calling to mind the East…

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  • Plantation Interiors

    Plantation Interiors

    Plantation architecture refers to the large, elegant mansions-usually antebellum-type homes-built in the American South during the 30 years or so…

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  • Caribbean Interiors

    Caribbean Interiors

    Caribbean style houses incorporate elements of Bahamian, African, Creole and Victorian design. Local builders once brought this mishmash of architecture…

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  • Contemporary Interiors

    Contemporary Interiors

    Contemporary architecture retains modernism's devotion to connecting the indoors and outdoors, and the desire to achieve a feeling of spaciousness…

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